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  • Multi-Timer  v.1.1This super multiple Timer Software will get the job done. 16 fully controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. All this in an easy to read large display with excellent graphics and control over the screen size!
  • Timer 12  v.2.0.0This super multiple Timer application will get the job done. 12 individually controllable Timers with Pictures, Titles, Start, Stop, Resume and Reset Buttons. An easy to read large display with excellent graphics with control over the screen size!
  • Clock Digital  v.1.2This program displays the current date and time in a large easy to read digital display.It is sycronised to within a thirtyth of a second to the clock on your PC. This program is perfect for people who have a hard time reading the time display on the ...
  • MinUpTime  v. is a small freeware program that displays the time elapsed since the current Windows session started. It is designed to take up as little space as possible on the screen (although the user can choose a small, medium or large display size).
  • PDF Quick Reader  v.4PDF Quick Reader 4 has come as fast and convenient tool for you to read and display PDF documents. PDF Quick Reader is a program for opening, displaying and printing of PDF documents. Good alternative for Adobe Reader: the program for flat fee 50 EUR ...
  • Perfect DocuReader  v.6Free solution for your help system: use PDF files as a context sensitive program help and manuals in your own software! Read and display PDF manuals and help files with PDF DocuReader, use navigation and search function. It is good alternative to the ...
  • Fslurp  v.0.8Read and display data from Fronius IG and IG Plus inverters, using a serial port to talk with the Fronius Interface Easy ...
  • Bruread  v.1.0bruread is a program to read and display NMR data in the Bruker XWIN-NMR format. The program has a command-line interface and a graphic display based on gnuplot. - Note that this is only an NMR spectrum *viewer*, not a full-fledged data evaluation suite ...
  • CEXI Toolkit  v.1.0Centralized External Input (CEXI) Toolkit allows large display input devices (e.g., Smart Board) to be accessed in high level languages (e.g., Java, Microsoft .NET). CEXI Toolkit removes the requirement to use low level input SDKs so programmers can dir ...
  • Qwik Reader  v.1.0Qwik Reader is a utility that helps you read large volumes of text easily by scrolling it for you.
  • JS rss Reader  v.1.0--JS RSS Reader:A RSS Reader created with HTML and Javascripts language, to read and display a RSS Flux on ligne.We can put a Rss adresse, in a field text and presse botton "go" after the Reader collecte and display the Rss Flux as HTML page.
  • Weather Display  v.10.37R Build 55Weather Display is the software to get the most from your weather station.
  • See-and-Calc  v.1.0See-and-Calc is an on-screen calculator with big number display and keypad to improve visibility. It simulates a big and friendly desktop calculator with basic functions. Alternate color configurations are available.
  • C# Comicviewer  v.1.0 RC7C# Comicviewer is a small, simple, very easy to use application specially designed to offer you a comic viewer. The application will open in fullscreen and the contextual menu will help you load the comic that you want to read. This program is ...
  • DigitReader PDF to Kindle MOBI Converter  v.2.0PDF to Kindle MOBI Converter provides a solution to those who are frustrated by reading unflowable PDF contents. PDF to Kindle MOBI Convert can convert the PDF contents to those reflowable content format Kindle MOBI.
  • MAPIProp  v.1.0This is a free COM-component designed to read the MAPI-properties of CDO and MicrosoftdlT« OutlookdlT« Object Model objects for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2002/XP, 2003, 2007 ...
  • AniGif  v.2.0An AniGif control can display a graphic from an animated or static Gif file.
  • Shot Clock Scoreboard  v.1.0.0Use the computer and display you already have with our shot clock scoreboard software to transform your pc into a virtual shot clock scoreboard.
  • PCODO  v.1.0PCODO is an universal count-up or count-down timer.
  • ECalc Scientific Calculator  v.1.5.2eCalc is an easy to use scientific calculator with many advanced features including unit conversion, complex number math, equation solving, and even support for both algebraic and RPN operating modes.
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